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  1. If all the toons are under the same account and you want to use my UI for 2 out of 3 of them , you just dissable all the addons for the 1 account that you dont want my UI to run on, that is if that 1 toon uses the default blizzard UI. If that one account uses a custom UI you would need some sort of manager to do that, I believe has one, though I have never used it and can't recall what it is called.

    Hope that helped,
  2. Hi Bodasafa. I just had a quick question regarding your UI post for tanks. I have 2 80's a prot warrior, and a hunter. Besides this, my little brother plays his own toons the odd time, but I hate having to set stuff up for him. Would it be possible, to only have your UI on my two 80's and keep his the same? If not, I'll find a different way to do this. Actually, would it be possible to have my Interface, and WTF folders, in my WoW folder, while yours are in there?

    Just a question. If you could back to me that would be great. Thanks in advance for your time.

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