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  1. =) Very helpful.
  2. Walk this way, you take the blond i got the one in the turban ruff!
    Minion, lackey, helping hand in dealing with morons, idiots, and those who have questions in your guide threads. I cant generate the info you put out but I can help deal with the little stuff.
  3. In what form were you hoping to be my minion, ha ha ha.

    (Igor shambling is only one category, the voice will also be required...)
  4. Hey Satorri, can I be your lackey? maybe your minion? I can do the Igor walk from young Frankenstein perfectly!
  5. yeah as i was joking around with my friends about the change I brought up that blizz make frost tanking so op that when the nerf bat came they got zapped into a dps spec. I think that may be the greatest nerf of all time rofl
  6. I'm a little sad to not have 3 tanking trees in my possible pool, but I'm psyched that they chose Blood, and more so at what it means when there will be one tree supported entirely for tanking.
  7. bloody hell, im gone for three weeks doing work, I come back and my donor subscription has expired and they are making blood the tanking spec for caticlism. fml rofl
  8. Well, DK tanking can have all the challenges and nuances it used to, but the IT change has made it possible to trivialize threat unilaterally, which I'm hoping doesn't stand untouched.
  9. So I am sorry to say this. But dk tanking has gotten a bit to easy I think. As frost, which is fun I feel like threat is just not an issue and has lost a lot of challenge. Im starting to get my warrior back into the game. Having a lot of fun with it. While my dk will not be neglected its nice to mix things up a bit.
  10. yeah i inspected you, thank you for making me remember that stam isnt what i should be gemming for. split gems ftw!
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