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  1. Hello I am semi new to wow i played daoc for years. I just wanted to make a comment on your really blizz spot I play a dk and i think if your wondering why it would even be ok to throw a dk a bone as far as being imune too CC let me explain, I mostly pvp a dk has no real cc other then strangulate and chains of ice of what most people i cast it on run right through. i get chain feared with one trinket and IBF in a single fight i have been cc85% of it with no real retaliation other then to look stupid for 2 mins. fear turn in to a sheep silenced blinded stun ect. and a dk gets strg and chains of ice and again it really dont do any thing other then slow them if that. Just wanted to throw that out there great show keep up good work, oh btw not a qq just observation.
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