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  1. Hello Lore, Long time watcher, first time poster

    I have played a Death Knight for a LONG time now, and I used to be able to preform everything they could do up until Patch 4.0.1. Now, with the new rune system in place, i find it very hard for me to hold threat as a tank. I find that the runes don't cool down fast enough and im left holding a gun to my head as the raid yells at me and tells me to just DPS which to me isn't a big deal, i mean, yeah i spent all those months crafting Shadowmourne, might as well use it, right?

    However I feel like im failing my raid group. I heard from some people that the Death Knight class is the worst tank class for 4.0.1 because they forgot to implement the change to Rune Strike (making it a free use ability, not dependent on Dodge or Parry) and Improved Blood Presence (5/10% faster Rune Cool downs) and alot of other changes.

    If you could answer me, i'd appreciate it, yours truely - Alisonprime, Bane of the Fallen King
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