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  1. Here is end of message, could not right it as one.

    I would like to know what you think about the lore's importance in game .
    I hope you ll reply but if you don t ill understand, with those 600 mails to read, it is a lot.

    See you and once again you are doing a great job

    P.S Sorry if some sentences do not sound english, i am french and I make mistakes.
  2. Hey Lore
    Great job with the marmot. I just saw the episode about the thinking like a designer thing ( i know a bit late to talk about it) and i have realised that the developers do long quest chains and quest texts and less than half of players read it. Other half has quest helper, goes to the place, kills and turns in. So, in short my question is : Is lore ( funny it s your name ^.^) as important in the game as it should be. Cause after all well for me it is important to know why i do that and i know half of raiders don't even know why algalon( or however it is spelled) has comed to azeroth. Is that maybe why blizzard is making archeology really about lore??? Because i am sure players will like the game even more if they know why they have to kill illidan and Lk and what they have done. And now the small part of lore that existed through quest is disapearing, because people only level ( funny word you can read it backwards it s the same word) in dungeons ( dungeon helper).
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