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  1. Hey Lore, really liked the yearly marmot, kinda interensting, of course ive been bored, anyways i wanted to ask do you think it would be wise for me to help all my guildies get their 310% speed proto drake mounts out of Ulduar before cata? i figured it would be a good idea imo, but also if there is any tips you could give me on guild leadership please let me know, i was a officer in my first guild that taught me how to raid and everything, and became a guild leader of my current guild right now <Seven Nation Army> we are currently 12/12 icc 10 and 6/12 heroic icc 10, and i wasnted any tips or pointers i could get to keep my guildies interested in wow until cata, cause some are getting bored/fustrated with icc, and could use some pointers on recruiting also, we are kinda short handed some nights and i hate pugging ppl and trying to teach them the fights, i dont mind explaining its just some people just dont listen at all, Thank you Lore. -Nekkxx Bleeding Hollow-US
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