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  1. Thank you Lore.
  2. Hello Lore, & Tank Spot Team. Awesome Job. Anyway after watching This Weeks PST a 2nd time I heard that the questions should be sent via your private message. Oooopsies. Anyway here are the questions that I finally sent to the proper placee as directed. (Yah I am probably the one that would stand in the fire after you said "Don't Stand in the Fire."

    1.) If a Guild member does not have the expansion and others do have the expansion, will the Guild as a whole benefit from those that progress where Guild Rep. would benefit the whole guild or would only those that have cataclysm benifit from guild progression?
    2.) When a Person leaves or Joins the Guild does the Reputation travel with them? (Ie; Say I have earned 25 Points of Rep. with Guild "A" and then move to Guild "B" do I start my Rep with that guild back to 0 or sacrifice the 25 points as a penalty for guild hoping?
    I look forward to seeing the next Q&A Video if this makes the cut.
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