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  1. Hey Lore. Love your videoes, and your way to say things just makes me laugh! Never stop doing it!
    So I've watched alot of your marmots, and they I love them! Just really amazing to watch, and interesting. I have a suggestion for a possible future subject in Cataclysm. When all the classes may be near the end of where blizz is saying: "alright we are happy about the classes now", you know. I think it would be cool, if you could talk about every single class, after your oppinion. Like what you like about the class, what is missing what mods that could be cool, what kinda things tha would improve other players experience by doing, what you now suggest. I know that it may be a big subject and i'am not saying that you need to like fill a whole marmot episode with it, but just the basic atleast of what your meaning is about them.

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