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  1. Hey Lore, I've been messing around with my paladin on the PTR and I'm 6k GS, so I'm doing pretty decent dmg / dps on live. And I feel like I'm doing no damage at all on the PTR...I know its a PTR and the numbers aren't solid yet..but it's coming soon..I lost about 10% crit so I feel like I'm just smacking a target dummy and not beating the crap out of it like I normally would. Also, I thought this was an interesting topic. Gemming all haste for Cataclysm..I've tried it on the PTR and my crusader strike CD has seemed to be reduced significantly by doing this. Just wondering what your thoughts would be about the haste topic. Thanks!
  2. Hey Lore, I was just reading the Blizzchat and I read that Paladins will be using Holy Power as like a new 'build' up for a super powerful attack or spell cast. And I was wondering how it would work, such as how an assassination rogues envenom would? Just wondering what your views would be on this subject since you play a Paladin as do I. Thanks
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