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  1. Hey Lore! Love the show and watch it every week. I just gave up the hardcore raiding for the summer, kind of like what you talked about in the last Weekly Marmot, and am starting a small 10 man guild with a few of my IRL friends. I'm going to be the guild master and would like to know what you do to run the guild and keep everyone happy. Also, what's your opinion of a flexible raid schedule? I was thinking, because of the fact that summer brings lives to WoW players, that we just discuss as a guild when the best time of the week would be to raid and raid then or do you think that having a set schedule would be better for the guild because it's always the same time every week and people won't have problems remembering, "Oh, it's Tuesday I have to raid." Thanks for reading and keep up the good work on the Weekly Marmots. =D
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