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  1. GearScore/GayScore

    Hey Lore

    I always like your points of view on stuff(like AVR) so I wondered if you could finally stop the endless discussion about GearScore and give "The LoreMaster" conclusion

    - Do you think it's okay/fair to count on peoples GearScore when you are a pug leader

    - Can you count on peoples GearScore, or does it not take enough details about the player?

    - What had GearScore done to people overall, many people claim that it has made people upset with their GearScore and choose that over stats!

    I hope you want to answer this questions!

  2. Another question:

    In my guild its pretty hard to figure out what loot system we should use, I mean there are sooo many so which one do you pick that will still allow the active people to get enough gear, but still letting the new people get some gear and not having to get 1200 DKP like the old members while a boss kil awards 10 DKP

  3. Where is Ciderhelm?

    When I was checking your channel at YouTube to see the weekly marmot, I just noticed that it is called Ciderhelm which I found weird since Ciderhelm is never around anymore. Especially not on the TankSpot guides.

    So, what happened to him, and why isn't he playing anymore?
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