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  1. There have been a lot of discussions about Legendary s my question is why can't can't Bliz have a quest-able Legendary similar to the "Battered Hilt" quest in Wraith where the end turn in can benefit any class regardless. It seems to me the way they do Legendary s now is rather lame, E.I. by the time you got everything together for Val'anyr, ICC comes out and you can get Trauma (grated Val is still better, but Trauma comes close) You get Shadowmourne but within a few weeks of the new expansion it obsolete and only valued as a prestige item. I thinking Blizzard should do a Legendary weapon quest similar to the Battered hilt quest which benefits everyone and release it about midway through the expansion so that it has some hang time through the game, instead of at the beginning where it's obsolete by the end of the expansion or released at the end where it only get a few months enjoyment and is then shelved. What are your thoughts on this?
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