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  1. Great Marmot, Ive been watching you cast grow from day 1 and it never has failed to have information in it that has helped me grow as a player ad a productive member in my guilds.I would also like to say I have used Tankspot for all of my info on either my main or my alts be it tanking dps or raiding strats.I'd like to say thank you to everyone that puts this site up.You guys do an outstanding job.An I'd have to say i wouldnt be half the player I am if it wasnt for your guys informative guides and information.Yes a little bit of butt kissing before the question.I dont know if you have many toons but I have 7 80s.With the upcoming patch and all the class revamps happening what would be the best way to go about relearning each class effectively to where I'm not spending weeks on end respecing and relearning all my toons.I am very much looking forward to your advice or anyone elses on this subject
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