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  1. First off, love your videos on raid leading and addons. Sadly, I didn't like the fact of how little detail was put into EPGP, but knowing how complex it may sound to people, I'll let that slide.

    I love how much information you put to be a better raider and completely understand (sometimes hate) all of the responsibilities of raid leading. Today I let someone else raid lead due to my mic dying and yeah, called it on 2 wipes on ToC 10 Northrend Beasts ... regular! By the way, thank you so much for the Tidy Plates recommendation ... it was one of the last things Blizzard I had left to my UI and it has made tanking those annoying heroics so much less annoying.

    Again, love the videos and you in general (don't think too much into it, my hubby might freak). Last, but not least, your kitty is sooo cute.
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