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  1. Hey Lore...big fan for a long time, keep the awesome going!
    I would LOVE to get your take on this, and it's sort of in line with your marmot topic this week. I've become pretty good at WoW. I've seen enough content that I'm a quality player in any role. But i seem to be in a cycle...part one: level a toon, get into content with likeminded people, guild stalls and/or drama rears its ugly head, guild falls apart...part two: level a new toon, find new people, back into high end content, stall/drama (and for the record I've yet to be involved in the drama ), guild falls apart...and the broken record keeps playing...even spanning faction and server transfers. I now have lots of toons that all carry bad baggage I want one main toon that I just want to play all the time, not only to accomplish things in game, but because i'm in a guild that has fun doing things together even when not raiding. At the risk of sounding like an APL commercial...whats the best way to find a good home???
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