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  1. Hey Lore! I have a quick question as well as a comment that hopefully you can cover in one of your next shows.

    What are your feelings on the paladin changes for both live and beta? I see constant changes going on with the beta in regards to talents and abilities and right now on live, having been raiding the content myself, I feel like Holy seems to excel on live while on beta it's been toned down a fair bit from being the insanely overpowered healing spec that was topping meters thanks to Holy Radiance, however it still looks to be a great spec moving forward. Meanwhile I see a lot of complaints from many Retribution paladins about it being hard to compete on the meters on live, meanwhile it's so much more competitive on the beta. However this makes me nervous as well, Retribution was a really good spec at the launch of Wrath that has been beaten down with nerfs and changes. Prot seems to be OK if you can play it, no more facerolling for us.

  2. Lore, proving that pallies are the best class ever! Keep on chucking out great advice, I have learned a fair bit from your wisdom and strive to be the best raiding ret paladin.

    Blade's Edge - Dragon Riders of Krynn
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