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  1. Lore I'd like to raise a point about voice comms. I have had a few issues in the past with raiders not being able to run vent and wow because of ping problems causing lag. I have also recently heard that Flagship Industries are not taking any more suppliers, thus allowing the existing companies to raise their prices. It may be the case people that suffer lag running vent and wow need to upgrade their systems, and yes, you can run a vent server from home if you have the capability What do you feel about other voice comms solutions? I talk here about Teamspeak 2 (or 3 *IF* it ever gets to RC status) and Mumble. I have experienced mumble and although it is less forgiving of occasional sounds (get people to go PTT!) it has user definable latency allowing for very little lag in game and positional sound, so if a player on my left calls for an emegency heal or calls 'damn i pulled agg' i will hear it on my left and not have to scan the room for that person. Do you have any thoughts on this?
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