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  1. PST question:

    First off great job your doing on all the stuff i can watch/listen while im doing work.

    Why doesnt Blizzard make it worthwhile for male Draenei to use polearms. In my opinion the animation when the toon throws the weapon in the air, makes it do something only gymnasts can do and than catch it + poking an eye out from an enemy is on of the coolist fighting animations in wow. But they only have agility stats and monks fight with fists, accept for jab witch doesnt give you the animation, so its wasted on so few players who either know its there or dont know how to equipe the right stuff on there chars.

    I hope you dont have to much trouble reading this, my spelling can be a bit bad. Im Dutch I'm sorry for being bad at typing english. And im verry much aware that this is a rather pointless question, but none the less i hope you can anwser this one.

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