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  1. PST Question:

    First off only just started watching your show, awesome job and keep going!

    When Cataclysm came out i stopped playing the game as the one thing i loved todo was raiding and reaching content less skillful players would never get to see. There was some major "epicness" about it and it was the reason why i loved wow so much. Ever since they brought in different difficultly modes in WoTLK the game has never been the same for me. Raiding back in 2005 with 40 players in old school Naxx was a truly awesome feeling. Same with BT in TBC for example. Now days it seems anyone can walk into LFR and see all the end game content with no real challenge. As much as i understand blizzard wants to cater for super causal players its really taken a lot out of it for me. I have now come back for Mop and am enjoying it so far, but in my opinion things will never be the same. Whats your thoughts on this?
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