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    Hello Lore,
    At the end of WotLK I was in the top guild on my server and had topped WoL in healing and dps meters on more than one occasion. Due to work/school schedules, in cata, I was unable to maintain my former glory and had to slow down/stop raiding. I am ready to get back into raiding now and have had no luck in finding a high progression guild willing to take me. As a guild leader of a successful progression guild, what would you want to hear from an applicant before MoP that would allow you to look past 2 years of lackluster progression from a player so that they’re (or mine in this case, lol) skill and dedication are seen, as opposed to lacking 8/8H experience. Most of the guilds refused to even talk to me a without that on my “resume” regardless of 12/12H ICC. What am I doing wrong?

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