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  1. PST Question: With Challenge Modes being about beating the timers and Horde having alot of strong pve racials, will we see on the leadership boards mostly Horde formed groups? As an Alliance and being on the same server as Vodka, this bothers me. Is there a way for Blizz to disable some racials just as their doing for tier-set bonuses? Thanks you for your time in reading this Lore.
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    Currently in Cataclysm, there are really only two viable dps specs for Death Knights (DW Frost and Unholy), but at the start of Cata 2H Frost was viable for great dps until they buffed Unholy to insane amounts of Strength and gave DW 'Killing Machine' procs off the off-hand. In MoP it seems like 2H Frost might be able to become viable again for competitive dps in PvE. While Frost is technically one spec, alot of Frost players either prefer DW playstyle or 2H playstyle. Do you think that Death Knights in MoP will be balanced enough to where a they can pick any of the "three" dps specs (2H Frost, DW Frost, and Unholy) for themselves w/o having to change their style of play?

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