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  1. Hey Lore, love all your work on TankSpot, your shows give a face and personality to what was once just a good source of guidance and knowledge. What I am wondering after watching your episode on exploitation, is what are your feelings about the over abundance of bots being used by players as well as guilds to farm herbs and ores? I do all my farming myself but on any given morning at about 3AM or sometimes at any time you could have ten players showing to be in Uldum and you might be the only one who is not a bot. Its bad enough that I've personally seen three times in one farming session three bots trying to get the same ore. Just was wondering how you feel about this abuse and maybe you might know why Blizzard cannot stop these people. It affects the whole economy of the game and does far more to give those players an advantage as their buying power is almost unlimited. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long question. Roclor
  2. Hey, Lore I liked your Marmot on the top guilds getting caught exploiting, but how about a piece on all the bots running in Uldum at 5:00 AM. Here on the Staghelm server when I go out thereto mine, there might be 6 to 10 toons and Im usually the only one not being run by a bot program. Why do you think Blizz neglects this problem?
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