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  1. Eternal Ember woes...

    Ok. So recently Blizzard denied my request to have two embers which were looted to the wrong individuals during our raid on Tuesday. Before you begin with the 'oohh.. you made the mistake, your fault'... hear me out.

    ML threshold set to epic. RL tried to ML the ember to me;didn't work. Stated I was ineligible, even though I was on the quest. Second drops. We set it to FFA so that I could run up and loot the ember first.... nope... still stated I was ineligible, so a guildy gets it with the hopes being I could receive the ember through a ticket.

    Blizzard's response, thusfar, has been that these cannot be resolved. Come to find out, a lot of other folks are experiencing this issue.

    Anyway, more of a bitch than a question, but I guess I do have a question... is this 'right' of them? If you tell me Lore that this is 'right', I'll drop it with blizz, otherwise, I keep spamming them with support tickets.
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