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  1. In PST - Episode 23 at 19:40'ish, you say you're going to read a question from "Obsequeus" (?) but in the actual letter you're using the name "Ghladum" yet again. You know, the name with the H.
    I'm convinced that someone, somehow, has already informed you about this or perhaps you noticed it yourself, but I can't really be bothered to look through YouTube comments so instead I'm just going to be a bothersome prick and post it as a question at TankSpot, because I have an upcoming question. So... Yeah.
    I'm not sure if this is "show material" or not, I just thought I'd point it out even though you're probably already aware of this. Myeah, I am 'that guy'.

    My question to you is; What kind of topping do you prefer on your pancakes? Raspberry jam, maple syrup, sugar and stuff like that. I.e. if you like pancakes. Which you should.
    (You may refer to me as "Pancakes". Because my WoW characters have names that revolve around, well... Pancakes 'nd stuff).
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