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    Hi, I was seeking your advice on what I should do about my current situation involving my guild. I'm in a good PvE guild for my realm 11/12 but am myself not particularly high ranking. I normally have only been able to turn up to raid nights on the weekend where they do much of their progression after finishing farming, however I'm often on standby(with only 7/12) , with higher ranking raiders being favoured above me despite it often being the case that I am a stronger raider(in terms of dps and tactics). I can understand why my guild does this to gear up their more committed raiders, in a few months I will be able to attend every night buy I was wondering if I should leave and join a guild where i actually raid more often or stick with my current guild occasionally raiding and wait till I can fully commit. Also I'd like to mention I do enjoy the raid atmosphere in my guild and think the leader is very capable and I'm sure the guild has a strong future.
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