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  1. Heya,

    Im a fellow warrior trying out pyprot and I had a few questions to ask.

    First off, I was wondering if you tank with the build 15/5/51? It seems like it has all the tanking necessities so I thought I would ask

    Second question is what do you think about taking 3 points out of shield specialization and putting them into Improved Thunder Clap? I ask because this is a key talent in pve tanking plus from a pvp perspective it would increase TC damage by 30% and slow for an additional 12% meaning even less damage on their part. It would make you slightly more offensive at the cost of 3% block and 60% chance to get 2 rage.

    Im not meaning to belittle your build, it is actually what I am following right now. I was just curious what you though about the Imp TC and maybe you could show me what you thought about it.

    I was also curious on the glyphs you used. Ive been reading around and I think Rapid Charge, Devastate and Blocking for majors and Bloodrage, Charge and TC for minors
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