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  1. He Emerea. Its unlikely Lore would answer your question, because as he has stated many times, he only uses "Private Messages" for his show. Anyways, I can answer that for you. The only thing alternative Blizzard would ever consider would be giving you absolutely nothing, maybe gold, instead of giving you an item you already have. They have stated repeatedly that they will never guarantee any particular piece of loot, and if they always gave you a piece of loot you didn't have, it would guarantee you would get every piece of loot, which is contrary to their policy. They will not guarantee a piece of loot just because you have the other piece or 2 appropriate to you. You would either get the piece of loot you did get or nothing until you were so lucky as to win the other piece of loot you desire by luck of the RNG. That's just the way Blizzard has always been and always will be in regards to RNG and loot drops. Hope that clears up your curiosity. Cheers. RielthasKildogg BadPlayer03
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