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  1. I'll try to take a look at it as soon as I get a chance. Currently tied up with reading all the new 3.1 info.
  2. hey, my guides up on the pvp forums. take a look and tell me what you think/if im missing anything

    Thanks, beardly
  3. DK Guide for PvP: we don't.

    DK PvE DPS:

    I've also found Raider101 to be a very nice compilation:

    Avatar's are Donor specific I think.

    As for Korgath: We never have to wait to log on (Medium population usually). As alliance, I probably win around 40% of the BG's I play. The server has a lot of guilds, some cutting edge on both factions. I transfered here from Altar of Storms so it was a big upgrade. I really couldn't tell you about horde because I'm ally.

    Looking forward to your video
  4. hey, just wondering if you guys need a detailed dk pvp/pve dps guide, as i dont see any cognitive, central, "come here if you want the answers" place like you do for warriors/palas/druids. Also, i cant seem to find where to plug in my forum avatar this a donor/"epic" level member function only? thanks.

    P.S. Im lookoing to xfer servers as Sargeras is ridiculously overpopulated, hows Korgath as far as allies/horde win/loss in bgs/ horde skill level in arena?

    thanks, Beardly

    P.P.S keep an eye out for my pvp vid on the pvp forums, should be a good one ^.^
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