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  1. Yes. Yes. That is exactly right. I am not a woman to cross. (Seriously, how much creepier would the Mafia be if they left kitten heads in your bed?)
  2. I read your About Me, Biography part the first time as: "I like baking kitties, and smashing stuff with an axe." I was like... Whoa.
  3. Oh, well, anytime you need conversation about STIs and the finer points of grammar, you know where to find me.
  4. Well that settles it, we'll officially need to talk on ventrilo about this sometime cause I just don't think I'm quite hearing the similar sound right, lol. It's been a fun afternoon, thanks :P
  5. Okay. The (transliterated) Russian for venereal disease is "venerichnaiya bolyesn". The -aiya is a feminine adjective ending. I pretty much said "veneretio bolyesn". The -o would be an adverb. So basically it sounded like I was saying "venereally disease", but managing to get the first word wrong anyway. Welcome to my world of grammar and humiliation.
  6. Okay, I can maybe understand this happening in English, but are those really similar in Russian? Btw, I really can't believe I'm trying to find out more about a story where I was mistaken for a venereal disease.
  7. As in I was speaking Russian at the time.
  8. As in you have a Russian accent?
  9. Thank you. It makes my shame sting just a little less (and mark my words, it was shameful because grammatically it sounds very stupid in Russian).
  10. LOL I think I should be offended, but I can't help but be both amused and flattered.
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