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  1. Yeah your post on the psychology of keybinds lol. As a psyc person myself i enjoyed it.
  2. Did I post something?

    My project is in the editing stage. I've started fixing it up and pre-formatting it is 58 pages in Word.
  3. Is that your big project? While cool and insightful, it is not 28 pages lol
  4. I look forward to it man!
  5. I don't go small when I want to do things right. I will generally dump my brain out on paper first, though, then cut, paste, clip, edit, rewrite, rephrase, and re-structure to try and get it all appropriately constructed. I'd expect in a week or two you'll see my final product. It will probably involve a chain of 8-12 post/replies with interlinking!
  6. O.o 28 pages 1/2 way. WOW
  7. Well, I can tell you this way, I'm 28 pages in, pre-formatting, and I don't think I'm quite half-way done...
  8. so, whats this big new project your contemplating? I is curious.

    let me know what you think man, I know there will probably be faults, but I think it does a good job.
  10. hay Satorri, long time. I decided due to lack of video software to make a written guide over a video guide, It is finally finished to the depth and ability I am happy with. thanks for your help back when it was an idea in my crazy head.
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