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  1. That sounds like a plan. Katheril, Physis, Houna, Quus would be the folks to look for, or ask anyone in guild, they can direct you to our alts if need be. Looking forward to talking further.
  2. Those times are actually fantastic for me if I end up having to get third shift, which I'd probably do anyways. Not too much of a day person haha. They're actually better than the times now for me, which tends to be 9 but that means 10ish since everyone tends to be slow in my guild and on top of that having to get some more as our guild is fairly small. And by fresh meat I mean, I've played the game for years but only recently have wanted to get into raiding. Had a 60 priest but got the account hacked back in the day before I got to see any end game. On vent I'm usually fairly quiet before I get to know people, like to get comfortable so yeah I could create a toon on Shadow Council and /t you and get the vent info from you at some point if that'll work.
  3. Hullo sir,

    First off, thanks for replying. Maelstrom raids generally run for three hours, and our current schedule is: 5:45 - ~8:45 server time, Monday and Wednesday nights, and 2:45- ~5:45 on Saturday afternoon. We have another "alt" raid on Sunday afternoons, about 5-6:30 servertime, which is totally optional. Shadow Council is a Mountain Standard Time server.

    We are more than willing to take on "fresh meat" and help folks get geared up, and we would be able to use a (non-warrior) tank immediately, even if that means I get to spend some time in my offspec, that doesn't bother me. Of late we've been spending Wednesday and some Mondays in ICC/25, and Saturdays in ICC/10 working on the Lich King.

    Hope this helps and we end up being something you'd like to learn more about. If you do end up thinking about a transfer, we should set up a time to chat on Ventrilo before you do it, just so you're comfortable before the money gets spent.
  4. Hey, I saw your ad for your guild and wanted to know some things. I'm looking around at different guilds, trying to stay on my server if I can, but don't mind transferring if I feel like it's a good idea. Right now I only have one 80, a Belf Pally on Ursin, and I was just wondering what time do you guys usually raid at as I live in South Carolina, and also if you're willing to take any fresh meat for raiding. The guild I am in now doesn't raid as often and I'm itching to get into that content.=Also got laid off but trying to get a new job and I'll probably end up having to take third shift at a plant or something, so just hoping if I do move over if it's possible for us to discuss times and shit. Also, I'm only geared for tanking so hopefully that doesn't bother you, I'm still under 5000 gearscore but I'm working on it.

    Anyways, hope you reply soon. Take care.
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