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  1. I'm disappointed Cider.

    I had thought that with the recently announced change to Warbringer we'd be seeing a post from you about how it was a terrible idea and a nerf not to our ability to tank, but a direct nerf to our fun level. As you are a huge fun of Warbringer (not to mention Prot PvP) I'm shocked to see you haven't straightened Blizzard out about it yet. Remember in WoTLK when the dialog between Tankspot and Blizzard really helped improve things for tanks everywhere? I don't see that happening since we became an officially recognized site. What happened to standing up for the love of tanking? It's not the nerf i'm upset about, by all means we probably need a nerf in PvP, but I'm upset at how my fun with Warbringer is quickly coming to an end. Sure bosses don't snare, but oh goodness trash sure does.

    Anyways, I hope you eventually stand up for us. Blizzard seems to listen to you.
  2. Hi there Cider,

    I would first like to say thank you for all the time you spend making such hugely important information regarding tanking and guild management easy to access and understand. Reading your foritifications guide on the WoW warrior forums was a large part of what drove me to become a tank and am still striving to improve my game.

    I am however at a bit of a loss. I have recently quit my guild because I did not feel respected or that my voice was heard. I had been there since day 1 (signed the charter) and did not take kindly to the way they shut down my suggestions (most of which came from your podcasts). This is not about them however. I have very good gear for the level of content that I am familiar with (accourding to the post you made about what level of content your gear allows for I could tank most of MH and a good chunk of BT) but due to my akward and irregular schedule, I am unable to join any guilds that are at that level of content on my server. Transfering servers is not an option at this time.

    These factors lead me to the meat of what I am writing you about. I have always wanted to run my own guild, but haven't due to only being able to commit to raiding one day out of the week (Sunday) and the rest of the week is hit and miss.

    I have listened to all of your podcasts and the one regarding mechanization really put some hope into this aspiration. Is is possible to mechanize the guild enough that you can still be effective without being able to commit a large amount of time to raids? I have thought about splitting up raid days amoung officers, so that I would lead Sunday, X would lead Tuesday, Y would lead Wednesday, ect. Do you think that this could work?

    Also, being that this is so late in TBC do you think it's possible to reach T6 level content before WoTLK? I think we could do it if we could muster up the right players.

    Unfortunantly the thought of starting over in Kara sounds dreaful to me. Do you think you can recruit for SSC/TK right off the bat and skip the T4 level stuff as much as possible?

    Thanks for your time,

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