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  1. Mate can you comment on my thread from caramon on this same Forum part?

    I need to know if I talk shit or not

    Jason aka caramon
  2. Hello Ciderhelm,

    My name is Jason aged 36 Scotland. I am a CO GM of the Guild called The Purdgerors. We are a guild that has existed for around 4 Years on Shattered Halls. I have been the Main Tank for most of that time and have Tanked for over 2.5 years.
    Recently I became a father and have less time on WOW. Sometimes I feel I am losing touch with what Gear to attain and how good rated my Warrior actually is. I have almost 2 sets of everything , some with BV some with more Ddodge etc. What I can see recently is to move away from Block stuff and Gear up Dodge and Parry etc.

    ie Before my Block was around 25% and Dodge 24% and Parry 17 %.

    Now I kind off wear Gear that moves me to 545 def Didge of 26% and Parry 18.5 and Block 19%.

    What do you reckon I should alter to to Tank say Ulduar 10 man and ToC 10 man effectively.

    If I was to link you my Character could you tell me what improvements I could make to Talent Tree and my Gear i have available?

  3. Im Jason 35 Scotland btw aka Caramon
  4. Hi CIder, love your forum. Im trying to take my Tank to next level, but so mnay ways , Im unsure best
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