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12-31-2012, 09:13 AM
Hey there, long time poster here who quit during Cata. I just came back and things changed so much =0. Anyways from what I have gathered you want hit/exp cap for steady rage gain. This is question one, does this mean both dodge and parry cap? Or does it mean just dodge, or is it different now and it's not nearly impossible to get both?

Next I hear that stamina and mastery come next, but whats the priority with these two? Is stam greater than mastery or vice versa?

Are dodge and parry still relatively equal in priority next, keeping them equal to avoid Diminish returns as much as possible?

Last question is on new shield block mechanics, does extra block no longer spill over into crit block? At what point do we use shield barrier? Unless there's magic damage incoming is there no reason to use shield barrier? It would seem that if your attempting to keep shield block up basically full time you will be using basically all of your rage on shield blocks, and I imagine heroic strikes will only be able to be used when either your not taking damage, damage isn't an issue, or when you use deadly calm with the incite glyph to allow free heroic strikes.

Am I wrong and with exp/hit caps will I have extra rage for heroic strikes? Or will I basically just be spamming shield block with free abilities? Prioritizing SS>Revenge> Devastate

Thanks for the help guys, I take my tanking seriously and wanna make sure I am doing things right!

12-31-2012, 09:21 AM
1. 7.5% hit, 15% exp
2. Depends on a whole load of shit. which comes first will depend on healer setup, healer skill, SB/SBar use, boss damage, amongst other factors. really you have to talk to our healer team if they want more time to heal, or less damage taken.
3. you want more parry than dodge. somewhere about 2x as much parry chance as dodge chance, as their on different DRs and you get parry from STR now, balancing ratings is kinda pointless.
4. No excess block does not turn into crit block. Sbarrier is generally higher TDR, but will make your damage intake spikier and make you more likely to take a fatal hit string than Sblock

You only use HS when either you're not tanking or have an ultimatum proc. outside of that fuck it. Read the guide in my sig.

12-31-2012, 09:55 AM
Awesome advice, appreciate it!

12-31-2012, 09:57 AM
Re: stam/mastery. Now that I've actually tanked some stuff, I'd say stam is better, but obviously you can't reforge stam and I would still use stam/mastery hybrid gems in yellows and go for mastery socket bonuses. I'd say stam edges out mastery, but not to the extent it did in WotLK where you just went balls deep into stam. The reason that I think stam edges out mastery is because sooooo many fights and mechanics can't be blocked and sblock will cover any damage smoothing you need.