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12-19-2012, 10:29 AM
First, a little history.

I stopped playing WoW almost three years ago, with the end of Wrath, before Cataclysm was released. Arthas was dead, and I was in a casual raiding guild on an RP server that got maybe half way through Icecrown Citadel. I enjoyed the raiding experience, even when I didn't get anything. It was fun being a paladin, able to heal or tank as the guild needed (though tank was my preferred choice). After a while, the guild started to fall apart, though I don't remember why. Shortly afterwards, I ended up quitting.

I play EVE Online as well, and EVE was definitely a contributing factor to me leaving WoW. I still play EVE, and I would recommend it to anyone that loves complicated games.

At the end of last November, my boyfriend got a free WoW battlechest from something, so he installed it. I activated my old account with one of the free 10 day cataclysm trials. We played a bit, and I found that I was enjoying WoW again, even from a fresh start. I decided to take advantage of the black friday deals (online, yay) and bought a battlechest, cataclysm, and mists, and made a new account (without the really bad account name that I made... years ago) attached to my same battletag. I got to keep all my mounts, and pets, and achievements (yay), and get a fresh start.

I started playing alliance side this time, though I did roll a horde character on my old server so I could keep all my gold and other shinies from my bank alt. I now play on Earthen Ring for the RP, but I've been wanting to get back into raiding, or at least start working towards that. Unfortunately, Earthen Ring isn't a very high population server, which makes me wonder if there is much of a raiding community there... that's where tankspot comes in!

Now for the part where I want advice! (aka TL;DR section)

What would be the best way to go about getting into a raiding guild with a fresh start on a new server? Should I level to 90 wherever and start gearing up off dungeons, then bite the bullet and do a server transfer when I find a guild I like? Are there guilds that will take new characters so I can level and gear up while participating in the social part of a guild, eventually becoming raid-capable?

How does a new player, or old player starting over, get into raiding these days? It always feels like you have to be in a guild from the start of an expansion to actually take part in raiding, because everyone else has already gone past the start (even though I know it's not true, it just feels like it).

12-19-2012, 10:41 AM
I'm the boyfriend, and I'm also interested in getting into raiding. :3

12-20-2012, 06:56 AM
There are an unlimited amount of paths to get there. Literally, it could happen any way you could imagine. Just my suggestion, though...

I would make low levels on multiple servers. Do a little work to try to find a server that you feel fits you. If raiding is important, then maybe check out wowprogress.com and find a few servers that meet your playstyle (rp) that have an acceptable number of guilds at the level of progress you would hope to achieve. From there, use those low level toons to scope out things like; what is the PuG scene like, what's the AH like, what are the people like, what is /2 trade chat like, etc, etc.

The odds are, you will find one that you seem to prefer. Then, you can start some footwork with the guilds on that server. From that wowprogress.com research, you will probably have a few guilds that stood out as interesting. Search with a /who and find some of that guild's members. See if you can talk to some of the members about what the guild is like, would they recommend it, and anything that is important to you in a guild.

If you find a guild you are targeting, try to talk to an officer about what they want from a guildie. You could very well end up in the guild immediately. You likely will still have to earn your way into a raid spot once you are leveled and geared, but at least you can try to learn if you fit personality wise with the guild as you get there. Even if you don't get invited immediately/quickly, at least you should have a map from them about what it takes to get in when you are ready.

Some really nice leveling perks for being in a guild now, so I'd recommend getting into SOME guild any way you need to. If guild choice A says they only invite max level toons, find a social guild to level in until you are ready to apply to your A choice.

12-20-2012, 07:58 AM
Thanks for the awesome advice, sifuedition! I didn't know about wowprogress.com.

12-20-2012, 11:14 AM
I hope it helps and welcome back!

Edit: Another thing not often really considered when looking for a guild is voice chat. Have Ventrillo and Mumble installed as they seem to be the most common. You might run across a Teamspeak guild too, so I guess you could install that as well if you wanted to. I would recommend as a potential future raider or as a guild newbie/trial, ask to lurk in on at least one or two raids. Try not to say anything unless it fits socially or w/e, of course. You wouldn't want to do something like try to correct the raid leader. You are there just to listen to how it goes. Is that raid lead who seemed nice actually an obscenity laden screamer in raid? Or maybe that's what you like in a raid lead, lol. That kind of thing.

12-20-2012, 11:25 AM
Leanring through mental scarring has a very high retention rate. :P

12-20-2012, 01:30 PM
XD No, I don't like the screamer leaders... it's why I don't fly with goon FCs in EVE! Razor ftw. I have all three VOIP services installed, though I've never been a fan of Vent. Vent is just too... old. TS3 and Mumble are better.

12-20-2012, 01:34 PM
Lurk in Trade on various servers, and ask what the raiding is like on any given server. Look for ads for raiding guilds, and decide what kind of 'ad' fits the feel of the group you and your boyfriend want to be in. Chat with their officers. As in, 'have a meaningful conversation', ask them about the guild, that sort of thing. Pretend you're interviewing for a job.

Once you find a server that seems to fit your hours (time zone is a hidden factor)-- Get to 90; get heroic geared at least (430) and then say you're interested in running a heroic with them. See if they bite, and then show off your skills. Odds on if you impress 'em, you'll be offered a spot.

Look for PuG raids forming in Trade. Usually they'll be something like, 'Have X, need Y'. Or you can say, 'have tank/heals and (whatever your boyfriend is), running fast heroics.' DPS will always jump on the chance to avoid a 19 minute queue.

Say in Trade you're looking for a good raiding guild. This rarely works well, because few guilds will take a chance on folks who don't have a 90 with a decent Armory they can look at.

Oh, and never join a guild because they advertise that they have all bank tabs and a cool tabard.

One of the things I do with my guild is that we take people as Members, no guaranteed raid spot, or Recruits (low priority for raid spots, but they have a role we need to fill), and generally we kinda get a feel for who they are as people, and vice versa. Since I'm a tank, I'll offer up free Monsterbear-style heroics (aka 'I start slow and then if I think you can handle it, ramp up to chain pulling), and I'll see how well they handle five mans, like how often they stand in fire, if they can pull decent numbers, that sort of thing. The gate to getting into the raid proper is to have 460+ gear, and usually that means running lots of dungeons/dailies/LFR. But if I'm down a person and it's day 1 of MV, I've been known to drag in Members and Recruits to see how they do in the raid.

As to whether we take people on as lowbies? :) Our newest recruit leveled from level 12 with a monk healer, just hit 90 three days ago, and got to LFR level last night. (We had no monks.) I've already run her through a dungeon, and she could use some more work, but I'm willing to pair her up with one of our heavy healers and see what she can do if it means getting a second 10's group going. Her boyfriend is a decent DPS monk, but he's not sure if he wants to raid yet.

Stuff that makes me wince as a GM/raid lead:
People not knowing their class.
People not knowing fights after 20 attempts.
People not being able to handle stress well.
People not able to follow instructions.
People who constantly ask for stuff to be done for them. When we're in raid and otherwise occupied.
People who get really drama-riffic over loot drops. It is not 'your loot' until I or the ML hand it to you, and if we hand it to someone else, it definitely stops being your loot. :) We run a bastardized random/DKP system, so folks who are around awhile have a somewhat better chance at winning loot, but we also keep the door open for guests/emergency raiders/Members to win stuff too.

Don't be that person, and most guilds will love you and your boyfriend. :)


12-20-2012, 02:45 PM
Some other thoughts:

RP servers tend to be MUCH more casual about raiding. That is not to imply that there are not a lot of RP guilds more progressed than mine, lol. By that I simply mean that it may be hard to find an RP server with enough raiding options to suit you if raiding is important. Just consider that as you research guilds. Don't go off of a couple of really good raiding guilds on an rp server. Consider the amount of guilds that you realistically think you have a shot at joining. If it's only a handful, that might make your options tough. If there are only three and only one has a raiding schedule that works for you, it's probably not your best option for a server.

Having said that, I'd like to second an opinion someone else made in this thread. Carefully consider times. Make sure the server is active or that there are enough options for guilds who raid on days/times that work for you so that you are not painted into a corner on which guilds you can consider on a server. If you prefer daytime or late night or weekends or whatever, just make sure there are enough guilds active at those times.

Many times, when you check out a guild on wowprogress, you can turn around and google them. You might be able to find raid logs from Worloflogs.com which can give you an indication of their raid performance and what it would take to fit in. You might be able to find their guild website. That can have a trove of info. Bear in mind, some of that might not be 100% accurate about them. It might, however, clearly indicate that they are not a good fit. How well that site is maintained can indicate how active their leadership is. How active their forums are might indicate how social they are. None of these are absolute but they can be indicators.

12-20-2012, 04:03 PM
Again, thanks for the great advice, everyone <3

Tielyn... got a spot for a new recruit? :3 Can't help but ask. I'm actually wanting to switch over to PvE servers, rather than stay on RP servers for raiding. RP is fun, but I really want to just ignore that part of it and get to a server with higher population. The only thing I won't touch is PvP servers. Open world PvP is just boring for me. Way too competitive, not enjoyable. I liked Wintergrasp back in Wrath, though. I like organized group vs group PvP.

I suppose one problem I might end up facing is that I won't know what my schedule is until about mid January. :(

12-20-2012, 05:02 PM
Private messaging you. :) Short form is you are more than welcome to hop in as a Member with a level 1 and hang out with us to see if you like what you see/hear.


01-01-2013, 07:38 PM
Wow, I saw the topic of this thread and thought, "Are you me"? Except I am a guy, and my main was a warrior haha. Seriously, my wife and I literally were in the exact same position and had almost the exact same set of circumstances happen, right down to most of the way through icecrown, me being the guilds off tank, and us quitting shortly after a guild started breaking apart. I had literally played this game since launch, all the way through most of icecrown, and then stopped. Now after about three years or so, my wife (the guilds main healer) and I got the bug again, and we have started playing. I am not going to lie, I am more than a bit intimidated about the whole deal. So much has changed, and I feel a little lost. Most everyone we had played with that were the other end game heroic guilds on our server have moved on, not playing anymore, ect... Shoot I even had an account here that I can't seem to remeber the log in to haha. So you are definitely not alone, seems like there are a few of us out there. Now back to figuring out all of the changes that have happened, and being intimidated about how much stuff I have ahead of me to catch up HAHA!