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12-08-2012, 04:04 PM
Hi first time here on Tankspot and hoping for some advice on playing an Arcane Mage.
So I recently switched to Arcane after the fire mage nerf mainly because of how I was able to pull around the same dps in Arcane while wearing fire gear.
However I hear and read a lot of how Arcane mages (and mages in general) are pulling 70-90k on fights where i'm only pulling 60-70k.

I'll start by posting a link to our guilds logs and my Armory

Logs - http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/227897/ - I only started to go Arcane this Wednesday Dec 12th

Armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/blades-edge/Zelidar/simple - I have had the same gear on except I had the LFR Claws of Amethyst

My rotation pretty much consists of spamming Arcane blast till six stacks, ensuring nether tempest is always on the target.
If i have two Arcane Missiles and six stacks of Arcane Charge I activate Arcane Power, Synapse Strings and Alter Time and Cast one Arcane Blast Two Arcane Missiles and then Arcane Barrage. Alter Time drops off and I cast the two Arcane Missiles.
For the rest of the rest of the fight I try and camp on six stacks of Arcane Charge, only dropping it if my mana drops below 85% and I don't have an Arcane Missiles Proc ready.
Finally if a Mana gem is available I burn to 75%-70% mana and mana gem.
I typically pop Mirror Image just before the pull, and when it's off CD and try to use Arcane Barrage if I know I have to move and won't be able to keep my stacks of Arcane Charge.

Is there anyway perhaps other Arcane mages could give me some tips on improving my arcane dps?

01-15-2013, 05:48 AM
Hello. I've checked your links and this is what came on my mind:

+ You could consider to pick up an arcane torrent glyph. I know that is raising cd time on the spell, but in fact with the alter time you will get a longer buff, plus, you'll make them both 2min cd - it allows you cast it together every time and get full advantage of it.

+ On the fights like Wind Master, Stone Guards, Amber-Shaper I woud advice you to take living bomb talent plus glyph of the fire blast. For example, if your raid mates that have ambers on them are stacking up near the tank (you will have a tank, and a boos, so it makes a few targets) you could do an amazing aoe damage. It works fine for me, rised my dmg done for fight a lot. Wind Master dosent need an explanation - its for the same reason you want to bring living bomb and spread it. Its always nice to have a flamstrike in that kind of situations too.

+ I'm not sure about geming with artfull vermillion onyx. Most top mages puts a full mastery gems and i'm doing the same. Actually, I was thinking about it yesterday, and perhaps its like with the priests now - intellect was the strongest stat, but now bonus from the spirit is worth more. Mana pull with rune of power, conjured gems is almost endless now, so its not a problem to keep it always above 85%.

+ I would consider to do a full recomended rotation, with droping stacks. I usually get to 5-6, cast misstles and drop it. Ive tried to do it in many, many ways, but still, it works best for me, its still better than blasting/misstling all the time. Therefore, I could use some advice of rotation as well if someone would be so nice, because Im really "not sure what I'm doing". Maybe there is a better way - share your opinion please.

I hope that it will help at least a bit, please correct me if I'm wrong in any point.