View Full Version : US Many NEED you to merely function, we will accept you to enhance our success.

09-28-2012, 10:45 AM
We are Judgement. We reside on Antonidas server. We are an adult only semi casual raiding guild that still manages to get the content complete each tier prior to the next tier going live. We are one of only ten Alliance guilds on our server to have completed Heroic Dragonsoul prior to the 35% nerf and Pandaria talents. We are one of the older guilds on our server having survived the many guild splits and implosions suffered by most of the competition. We are lead by competant level headed adult buisness owners with a team before me philosophy.

We currently have many 90 level toons all running heroic dungeons and gearing in order to be ready to raid on day one of the raid release.

We are looking for players with the same drive to complete as us but without the elitist mentality that comes with being in one of the "top" raiding guilds.

Please beware. Every "new", "reformed", "just need a tank because our last one quit" guild is currently looking to fil their roster with NEEDED warm bodies. We DO NOT need you. We have multiple raid groups already formed. We however WILL accept into our already successful family.

If you are tired of guilds full of children, or that raid for the first couple of weeks and then fall on their face at the end of an expac then maybe you should give us a try. Our guild founder INJUSTICE is driven to succeed, but at a pace that will not leave you wondering what to do with the next seven months of the expansion.

Interested players can apply at our website. http://www.judgementofantonidas.guildportal.com (http://www.judgementofantonidas.guildportal.com/)

or contact us at JudgementofAntonidas@yahoo.com with any questions

We look forward to raiding with you.