View Full Version : US [A10 Stormrage US] <Dark Trinity> 8/8H recruiting for MoP

09-18-2012, 06:06 PM
<Dark Trinity> level 25 8/8h alliance guild on stormrage Recruiting legendary Fire mage and Druid tank For MOP progression
Must be available Tues, WEd, THurs 7pm-10pm EST. We will provide raiders with food, flask, pots,
and enchants. In return we expect you to be on time, ready to raid, know your class, and have an
understanding of what progression raiding looks like. Interested parties should see Edelian (battletag edelian#1858) in game
or apply online at www. darktrinitystormrage. guildlaunch.com (http://www.darktrinitystormrage.guildlaunch.com)