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09-16-2012, 09:47 AM
We are an adult only guild residing on Antonidas Server. We are one of only ten alliance guilds on our server to have completed the heroic dragonsoul instance prior to the release of the new talent system. We also have the distinction of having done this in full guild ten man groups which a number of our server competitors cannot claim.

We are looking for players to move forward with us at not quite break neck speed but fast enough to move from Server ten, world 9000, into a higher bracket for MOP. It is our goal to move into one of the top 5000 us slots. We feel with help from the right players this can be easily attainable.

If you are a former hard core player who still wants to achieve but maybe not in the first week of release then you may be what we are looking for.

We have gained some very competant members in preparation for kicking out new raid teams for MOP. We have honestly also turned away quite a few. We are selective while not elitist.

We want:

Active adult players who enjoy playing the game for all it offers past completion of the current tier.
Players who do their own research prior to a guild raid.
Players who can provide useful feedback during guild activities while not feeling the need to dissrespect or try to overide the raid leadership.
We are looking for driven players who can control their Alpha Dog mentallity long enough to cooperate with and be respectful of their team members.
Players with low latency and few dissconect problems.

We do not want:

Players with a me me me mentality.
Players who can not hear the directions given by the raid leader over the sound of how awesome they are.
Players who are consistently dissrespectful of other players.
Players who refuse to recognize that their tandy radioshack 120 computer is outdated and needs repaced.
Players unwilling to change and grow with the guild.

We have a full and active raid schedule with multiple groups going down rang many times during the week all lead by raid leaders of different skill levels and leadership styles.

Our current raid teams:

Expendables, lead by Injustice tues-thurs 5-8pm server
Gaata's Killers, lead by Cemes sat-sun 11am-1pm server
Bound for Hell, lead by Thelar sunday 2-5pm server
Latency, lead by Yarli weds-fri 9pm to midnight server

The Guild itself was formed late BC. by injustice after having been a member of some of the top guilds then on the server. He felt that a raid guild could be more than just a bunch of elitist epeen wavers and still accomplish the goal of raid completion.

There are many who claim to be the best. That is not us. We consider ourselves a completely average group of players. We do however seek to improve.

The forums are full of guilds that did not meet the mark. We are not one of those either. We did and we will continue to do so for however long the game continues to offer us new content.

If you are looking for a new home and feel we may be a good choice, then feel free to contact us using any of the following methods.

Guild E-mail Address: JudgementofAntondas@yahoo.com
Injustice's Real Id: john.s.transue@us.army.mil
Apply at our website: judgementofantonidas.guildportal.com

We look forward to hearing from you.