View Full Version : EU [H]Bladefist-EU <DOD> 25M HC recruiting for MoP

09-09-2012, 04:38 AM
DOD is looking for new players to strengthen our raiding core for MoP 25-man hc progression.

What we are looking for
Tanks: Offspec only, no warrior
Healers: Druid
DPS: All except mage and warrior

The list above only contains the classes and specs in high demand. All other classes/specs will be looked at at a case by case basis.

Who we are
We are a mature 25-man raiding guild. DOD is the oldest Bladefist Horde-side guild still active. We have been around since the early vanilla days and are still going strong. Apart from our raiding core we have a lot of members being in the guild for the social aspect.

What our goals are
DOD highly values having fun in general and progression in raids. For raiding this means that we can have some fun on TS while clearing trash, but we are serious when need to be. Keeping the atmosphere light during raids helps us focus during boss attempts. Our goal is killing bosses and not only hunting for loot.

What we expect of youa
Be able to raid 3 days a week from 19:30 - 23:00 CET (Wed-Fri-Sun)
To show up to raids prepared, meaning: know the tactics, gear maximised and everything else the raid requires
A stable connection and hardware capable of going through the end-game content
Being able to be on Teamspeak
Have a good understanding of English.
Be able to take a joke or two without getting offended!
To not be too focussed on loot. We have loot council and passing for others is appreciated

How to apply
/w one of our officers ingame or apply on our forums at clan-dod.co.uk.

We hope to hear from you soon :)