View Full Version : 5.0 Hunter Hit and Expertise Caps, plus details

08-22-2012, 02:04 AM
I'm toying around with things on the beta right now in order to prepare for the 5.0 patch coming this Tuesday for the wonderful month marking the end of Cataclysm, and figured I'd post my findings here in case people wanted to know the information. This is for any hunters who still plan on trying to raid the last few weeks before MoP hits.

at level 85:

Hit cap will be 7.5% rather than 8%, and can be attained with exactly 768 hit rating.
Expertise follows the same formula of capping at 7.5%, and being reached with 768 exp rating.
For Troll/Dwarf hunters, with the new 1% ranged expertise racial, exp cap will be reached at 666 exp rating.

Also, Hunters who still want to play survival (still best dps spec @85 for raiding) you are going to want to balance your spare green stats (what little you have left) on making sure you still have a 1.6 cast time cobra shot, since we are losing the 10% attack speed from hunting party. If you can keep that cast time then max crit as usual.

Pet buffs and debuffs seem to remain mostly the same (Cats provide Mastery buff now in place of agi/str, Ravager provides 4% physical damage debuff, wind serpent provides 8% magic damage debuff, etc.) The best dps spec for your pet now is always going to be Ferocity. It costs nothing to change pet specs and can be done whenever out of combat. Tenacity is to have a pet Tank, and Cunning is for PvP utility.

I am currently playing around trying to measure numbers as to what is the best dps option between Fervor and Thrill of the Hunt, but will post my findings after further analysis. Dire Beast is best as BM, but pre-87 BM still isn't stupendous for raid dps. For this same reason I am leaning more towards the Murder of Crows ability over Blink Strike or Lynx Rush.