View Full Version : US [A-Stormrage-US] <Dark Trinity> 7/8H DS T/W/TH 7-10pm LF Tank,Heals,or Hunter

06-12-2012, 07:51 PM
<Dark Trinity> 7/8h recruiting to fill up our ranks! Casuals are welcomed as well as raiders!
We provide Food, Flask, Gems, Enchants, and Repairs, to raiders! the raid times are as follows:

Core group: Raid Leader- Worgz
Tuesday 7pm-10pm Est
Wednesday 7pm-10pm Est
Thursday 7pm-10pm Est
Recruiting: Druid tank, Hunter
Requirements: 400+ilevel with at least 6/8h achieve and knowledge of all fights age of 20+ preferred
Progression: 7/8h

Alt Run: Raid Leader- Swiftdot
Fridays 9pm-12am Est
Recruiting: Mage
Requirements: 390+ilevel, with at least Destroyers End
Progression: 2/8h

Weekend Team: Raid Leader- Geolock
Saturday 7pm-10pm Est
Sunday 7pm-10pm Est
Recruiting: Tank, Shaman, Rdps
Requirments: 385+ with at least Destroyers End
Progression: 3/8h

Late night shift: Raid Leader- Renaar
Friday 1230am-3am Est
saturday 1230am-3am Est
Recruiting: All Classes!
Requirements: 390+ ilevel with at least Destroyers End
Progression: TBD
This group is set to begin as soon as we have finished filling up. So get in fast!

We plan on continuing to raid through DS and straight into MoP! Intersted raiders can apply at DarkTrinityStormrage.guildlaunch.com or
contact Geolock, and Edelian in game for more details!