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You damn well know better. Seriously. Smarten the hell up.

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You're picking out only part of what he said and using it to validate your complaint about his arguement instead of reading all of what he said. He said, "So you don't like LEVELING, you don't like anything other than RAIDING, and you don't like FARMING gear (which is a core component of raiding)." What it sounds like to me that he's trying to say that WoW is about leveling your toon to farm gear so that you can raid to farm MORE gear. I'm sorry but that is a key component of WoW and what Lore was trying to say is that if you don't like that aspect of the game then maybe WoW's not the game for you. Sure one could probably say that they only raid to experience the content, however you still need to level your toon and gear up in order to experience said content and that's just how it works. If you don't like that part of the game then maybe WoW's not for you. I'm not a huge fan of leveling, nor do I like grinding anything, let alone gear. However I understand that it's all just part of the game and I'm not gonna complain about it. It sounds like to me that you're just trolling Lore for the sake of just trolling and it's, imo, turning into a complete disaster. Bad troll is bad...

No, personally I'm not interested in pet battles or farmville or even questing at the start of an xpac. I buy the game to raid. there's plenty of time after the content is cleared to derp around with everything else in the game.

leveling may be a key component to YOU, and that's fine. I'm happy the type of content you're interested in is available, and likewise I want the content I'm interested in to be available or I simply wouldn't buy the game. its that simple. personally I could care less about leveling and I usually push through it as fast as possible.

If you really believe I have to concur with you gaming philosophy, your just crazy. I'm TELLING you I won't by the game if the raid content isn't out. I'll wait for raids to be released. I'm fairly sure I'm not alone. so what exactly is the point your trying to make other then you're an idiot?