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05-12-2012, 04:14 AM

About Genesis:
We are a guild whose aim is to find balance between progressive raids, fun and real life. We got this far while raiding 3 nights a week. Our main power is the fact that we are a small raiding group, without the need for over-recruiting. The core of the guild is together for a really long time, the guild is 5 years old by now and 12 hours of focused raiding per week is enough for us the be counted as one of the best guilds of Silvermoon. The guild is based on the Alliance side of Silvermoon-EU, our server is the most competitive English speaking Normal(PvE) server in European realms, in terms of raiding progress, for many years now. That being said we have a long-standing tradition in clearing all available PvE content within a reasonable time frame for our rather limited raiding hours, for more information please head over to our website @ http://www.genesis-sm.eu . Five years of raiding movies can be found @ http://www.youtube.com/user/GenesisSilvermoon . We are constantly on the server's top 3 guilds, having achieved:

-Sunwell Plateau clear prior to 3.0.2. Our most notable kill being the M'uru pre-hp nerf kill, something that less than 100 guilds had managed to pull off at the time.
-Finished Wrath of the Lich King on a high note as server #2nd & among the first 3 guilds worldwide to kill the Lich King on heroic 25 while raiding 3 days( http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview....163857#mirrors ). Also got Glory of the Raider(25), Glory of the Ulduar Raider(25) & Herald of the Titans(10), Algalon the Observer 25 & He Feeds on your Tears, a Tribute to Immortality (25) & A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity (10), Earth, Wind and Fire (25), Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25), Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10), Heroic:Fall of the Lich King (25), Heroic:Fall of the Lich King (10), the Ruby Sanctum (25) Heroic Difficulty, the Ruby Sanctum (10) Heroic Difficulty.
-Cataclysm Heroic Modes:
8/8 Dragon Soul.
7/7 Firelands.
6/6 Heroic on Blackwing Descent.
5/5 Heroic on the Bastion of Twilight.
2/2 Heroic on the Throne of the Four Winds.

All the above PvE achievements were achieved on a 3 days raiding schedule of 4 hours per raid.
Raiding schedule:

Wednesday: 19:30-23:30
Sunday: 19:30-23:30
Monday: 19:30-23:30

Genesis are using a Loot Council system to award raid loot.
You can find our raid reports over at http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/33963/

To make an application head over to http://genesis-sm.eu/recruitment
If you encounter any problems during the application process or have any relative questions do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Currently recruiting:
-A Warlock
-An Elemental Shaman
-A Mage
-A Restoration Shaman
-Exceptional applicants who feel that can challenge our members for their spots.

What you can get from us:
-Relaxing atmosphere where you wont burn out.
-Usual raiding spots, we don't over recruit and we don't have 8 players from a class.
-Skilled people who have been playing together for a long time.
-Professional raids.
-Cleared content.
-Achievement points. We actually do bother doing pretty much any achievement that comes to mind, when progress raids are over so if you are an achievements hunter then you might find similar-thinking people here.
-A respected guild tab.
-Unique guides, accessible only for guild members, about raid encounters.
-Our guild bank provides, guild repairs as well as Big Cauldrons of Battle & Seafood Magnifique.

What do we expect from you:
-Great dedication to use potions and other consumables during a bossfight, we also enforce the use of raid food and flasks for every bossfight.
-Being able to perform at your best even during progress wipenights.
-100% attendance, 3 days raiding requires that we squize every single minute & attempt to make the most out of ours (& yours) playing time. This does not mean u will have to attend a raid while being in a hospital though!
-Being able to listen to ventrilo is REQUIRED, being able to speak, and doing so when appropriate, is a big plus.
-You need to know your class in and out, we rather raid with 24 ppl than with someone who is not confident in what he is doing.
-We especially encourage applications made by veteran raiders with experience similar to that of our own.
-Be cool when it comes to testing future content out on the PTR and Beta.
-To that end, WoW annual pass and therefore guaranteed MoP beta access is appreciated indeed.
-A WWS/WoL parse link that will allow us to have a more detailed insight on your playstyle & raid performance.
-Both professions have to be purely PvE focused, meaning no gathering professions.

For any further enquiries you can contact Enlightned, Caspa, Vijaya or Killspree in-game.