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04-30-2012, 12:10 PM
Double Shotz is a casual family environment guild that has been around since approximately tier9 content. We have had several members need to take breaks because of work schedule changes and as a result have stopped heroic content to rebuild the raiding roster. We want to return to heroic progression as soon as we have a regular crew again but in the meantime will continue to farm normal mode.

Raid Times
Group 1
Tuesday 6-9pm central (server) time
Wednesday 6-9pm central (server) time
*the Wednesday night is not used until we resume heroic progression, but this will be the 2nd night when we do*

Group 2
Saturday 1-4pm central (server) time

1-2 healers
1 tank/dps
and room for a few pure dps

While better geared characters will allow us to speed up the heroic progression when we again have a regular 10 crew, we are accepting lesser geared raiders who are serious about developing their characters. So if you have an alt that can make these raid times and are interested in a new raiding guild home we can gear you up.

While we plan to get more serious with requirements as we build back up, at the moment we are pretty lax.

If you have any questions or are interested speak with Arthara (raid leader and first officer)
Also check out our new website www.doubleshotz.com (http://www.doubleshotz.guildportal.com)