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04-17-2012, 05:04 AM
Hello and welcome to Clearly Boosted !

Having cleared the current tier recruitment is now open for all classes, for further DS farm with a view to having a strong roster for MOP.

Open Recruitment

We are now at the point in an expansion where we are heading towards a gear reset, this lets us cast the net a bit wider for recruits than we perhaps normally would.So we are particularly keen to hear from players who fall into the following categories.

Players who feel they can take a step up from the their current raid team and want to try a more progression focused type of raiding for the next expansion

Players who have even been away from the game or have recently returned and wish to get back into raiding.

Please bear in mind if you fall into the above categories we expect you to impress us with the effort you make with your application and your understanding of your class. We don't boost just anyone after all.

In addition to this we are of course open to the more experienced raiders who we would normally expect applications from.

Some History

Clearly Boosted was formed in 2012, though many of us were in our previous incarnation as Shadowforest Brotherhood, which was formed in 2007.
The aim then, as now, is to maintain respectable raid progress on a modest raid schedule. As well as to provide a social base for our members.
Essentially we focus hard when its raid time, and mess around when it isn't.Raids:
Raids are held from 19:45 to 23:30 server time, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
We keep a clean, skilled and focused roster, enabling us to complete end game content by only raiding 3x a week; and allowing ourselves more free time both in and outside of the game.

Player vs Player:
Though PvP isn't our main goal , many of our members are active on the PVP side.
A special "Gladiator" rank with benefits is there for those who wish to pursue their horde-slaying passion within our ranks.Finally, we hold occasional social events and activities such as races across Azeroth or best transmog challenge, offering non-conventional competition and fun, while rewarding with profitable guild rank and other prizes.What we're looking for:
*Attendance* Our raid times are 19:45 - 23:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You must be able to attend all of these days, on time. We have a strong, tight roster and do not offer part-time spots.

*Perfomance* As a high-end raiding guild we require a roster of dedicated players with full understanding of the class they play, always working to improve their performance even by 1%. Constant effort and research for personal improvement is a must.

*Aptitude* The ability to quickly understand and react to encounter mechanics, and learn from your mistakes. Even the most skilled players make mistakes, but the ability to comprehend, fix, and not repeat them is what makes the difference. Both your focus and learning curve during raid time have to be at the highest level.

*Communication* You must be able to speak English and not just within the chat box. Some encounters require vocal communication and you will be required to use your microphone at times.

*Attitude* Loot whoring, drama, immaturity, selfishness, EMO trips and any negative impacts on the raid mood or performance are not welcome in CB. We have a very enjoyable and motivated raid ambience and plan to keep it that way.

*Sociability* We have a strong social community with a great amount of social and casual players, alts from other guilds, and retired raiders from above and below. Generaly, members are to show respect to others in the guild regardless of any factor. Our ages range from 7 to 77, with a raiding median of around 24.
And Yes, we accept exeptional below 18 applications, though it's rare :)If you wish to be part of our community check us out and/or apply at

Best regards,
Officers of Clearly Boosted