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Hey. What are are we here, in kindergarden?

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Really, insults about not knowing how to count? Come on. Be a bit more careful about how you bring your arguments, no matter how snide you are. There's no need to go into that area.

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My worry about adding LFR difficulty is that they have a finite amount of resources to create raid encounters.

This means that now they have to try to make those resources create 3x<# of bosses> encounters instead of 2x<# of bosses>.

Whereas T11 had 25 boss fights developed over 12.5 bosses (13, really, Sinestra only being available on heroic), T13 had 24 fights over 8 bosses...and honestly the quality of the fights is pretty mediocre. They are somewhat constrained by having "mechanics" that can be tuned to be ignorable in LFR. I think they rushed out 4.3, but that aside, they clearly are stretched even more thinly now and having only 8 encounters which are relevant to me instead of 13 is a pretty serious downgrade.

And before the idiots who think "THEY HAVE ALL THIS MONEY JUST HIRE MORE PEOPLE" jump on and make their retarded claims: That is NOT THE WAY IT WORKS. You can't just hire Bob off the street, sit him down in front of a computer and expect him to be capable of working within their system to create something that's relevant. Especially in something as esoteric as encounter design.

and how doth thou think blizzard, a company with more working capital then you acknowledge in your narrow minded point of view, got to the point where their resources are stretched too thinly? perhaps you dont count that high...