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12-23-2011, 11:29 AM
I just recently reached ctc cap on my warrior. With that I have the VP trinket with the on use dodge. This is kinda a hard question for me to put into words, but Ill try my best.

Question is, how exactly does it affect the math in terms of crit-block? Does it give me X% more dodge, which gives me less block chance which in turn gives me X% more crit-block?

Hopefully this will explain the question. If I have 20%D, 20%P and 60%B(30%CB) would it turn into 25%D, 20%P and 60%B(30%CB) or 20%D, 20%P and 60%(35%CB)?

12-23-2011, 12:12 PM
The dodge on use from the trinket pushes block of the combattable so you end up with something like this. (should include miss as well but we'll go with your example, crit block is always block chance-20% btw)

Normal: 20% dodge 20% parry 36% normal blocks 24% crit blocks (60% block with 40% crit block)
With trinket use: 25% dodge 20% parry 33% normal blocks 22% crit blocks (55% block with 40% crit block and 5% additional block over the CTC cap)

Basicly you replace 5% block with 5% dodge while every block has the same crit block chance as before.

One thing to keep in mind that shieldblock gives CTC-75 critblock% buff so while at 105% CTC you get a 30% critblock bonus from shieldblock instead of the regular 25% at 100% CTC. But outside of shieldblock there aren't any changes to critical block chance cause of the extra dodge. Most optimal use of the buff is 1 second after shieldblock ends so you use the next shieldblock on the last second of the buff and get a free 5% extra crit block for that shieldblock.

12-23-2011, 01:03 PM
Ok, so it works as I thought it would. I was trying to explain it to our holy pally who said the dodge turns into block. I told him I would look it up before telling him hes wrong.