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12-08-2011, 10:01 AM
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Infraction: Insulted Other Member(s)
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There are better words to be used than the ones you did.

Message to User:
You can agree or disagree with points but to call people names is just not needed. You even knew you went too far by reporting it to look at other issues when you did get an infraction.

Next time, take the high road and don't bother insulting people.

Original Post:

Perhaps people should listen themselves if they want. Obviously we're hearing what is being said completely differently, but I wasted enough time listening to that garbage, I'm not going back to transcribe passages because you challenged me to. The podcast as a whole tells more than a snippet from it ever could.You are awful. Is this how you have a discussion? "I am just gonna insinuate something and then I am going to harp on it all day long. If someone asks who the hell even said that, I am just gonna rant on how I donīt want to re-read/-listen to that garbage again!". Pathetic!

(When giving me the infraction, please consider that this guy made several assumptions/allegations and canīt come up with a single shred of evidence/quote that I or someone else said anything of that sort. I was simply asking him where someone actually said it.)


If the guilds you are defending are up and straight about the fact they messed up and they are accepting the punishment, that should go a pretty damn long way for everyone here to see that they damn well knew they were doing something wrong.

It's pretty shocking that people are still defending the guilds when they themselves have admitted and have taken the punishment in stride. Everyone might want to take a step back from defending the guilds they are defending and realize that those guilds have moved past this and are now looking towards doing the race come their bans being removed.

Honestly, to me it's mindboggling that people would think this was right but to each their own.Its amazing how you still write the same stuff over and over again and still nobody has defended anything as being "right".

Some people are just looking a bit deeper into the problem and point out, that there has to be more consistency going forward and that Blizzard canīt go on with the arbitrary course theyīve run so far. Nothing more, nothing less.

We can all agree to one thing here: This should have never have gotten as far as it did. Hopefully both the top tier guilds and Blizzard realize this and work together into making the game stronger from this point on. Yeah, everybody agrees.