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12-05-2011, 10:43 PM

Welcome to the Tankspot Dragon Soul raid guide. My name is Lore, and in this video we'll be walking you through Yor'sahj the Unsleeping. You'll need 2 tanks and 5 or 6 healers. Any DPS combination will do, but an even mix of melee and ranged is ideal.

Of all the fights in Dragon Soul, Yor'sahj is probably the most complicated. There's only one phase, but there's a lot that can happen. Let's get started.


Yor'sahj himself has only one ability: Void Bolt. He'll cast this on the tank from time to time, dealing a large amount of damage and applying a damage over time effect. This can stack, and does significant damage the higher it gets, but can easily be dealt with by having tanks swap aggro every 3 stacks.

The real bulk of the fight comes from the various Bloods he can summon. About every minute, he will randomly summon three of six possible bloods, which are different colored oozes that spawn at the edges of the room. The oozes will slowly move toward Yor'sahj, and if they reach him, they will grant him an ability specific to that color ooze.

The purple, or Shadowed oozes, will cause Yor'sahj to cast Deep Corruption on the raid. While this is active, any player that is healed will gain a stacking debuff that lasts 20 seconds. If that debuff reaches 5 stacks, they explode on the entire raid for a large amount of shadow damage. That includes heals cast on the tank.

The green, or Acidic oozes, will cause him to cast Digestive Acid at random targets. This hits them for a substantial amount of Nature damage, and splashes to any other players within 4 yards.

The yellow, or Glowing oozes, will buff Yor'sahj with the Glowing Blood of Shu'ma. This soups up Yor'sahj's Void Bolt ability, letting him cast it twice as often and causing it to hit the entire raid. It also increases his attack speed by 50%.

The black, or Dark oozes, cause Yor'sahj to summon a bunch of Forgotten Ones. These are small adds that fixate on random raid members and hit them with an ability called Psychic Slice, which does a moderate amount of Shadow damage.

The red, or Crimson oozes, give Yor'sahj the ability to cast Searing Blood. He'll cast this on the 8 players farthest away from him, dealing damage that increases based on how far away from him they are.

Finally, the blue, or Cobalt oozes, will spawn a Mana Void. This will immediately drain all the mana from every mana user in the raid, although normal regen will still work after that. Once it's killed, it will redistribute all the mana that it drained out to everyone standing within 30 yards of it.


Now, the oozes can be killed before they reach him, but as soon as one dies the others become immune to damage. That means you can only kill one ooze each wave. So, obviously, the real challenge of the fight comes down to choosing which ooze to kill and which ones to leave alive. Fortunately, there are some very simple rules to follow.

First, we need to decide which one to kill. This follows a simple priority system. The purple oozes -- the ones that cause players to explode if they're healed too many times -- are generally the most difficult to deal with. So, if there's a purple ooze, kill it.

Next in line are the Green oozes. Many of the other ooze's abilities can be easily dealt with by stacking up, but the Green ooze forces you to spread out. So, if there's no Purple ooze, kill the Green one.

If there's no purple or green ooze, look for a yellow one. That's the one that makes his Void Bolt hit the entire raid. The remaining oozes won't cause as much overall damage to the group, so kill yellow in that case.

Finally, if there's no purple, green, or yellow oozes, congratulations! You've gotten the easiest possible combination of oozes. Killing the Black one will keep you from having to waste DPS time AOE'ing down the Forgotten Ones and also lower the damage the raid is taking.

Now we just have to look at which oozes are left. First, check for the green ooze. If there isn't one, or you killed it, great! Stack up on the boss. Healers should prepare to heal the group, and DPS should prepare to kill a Mana Void or AOE down Forgotten Ones if either of them spawn.

If you DO have a green ooze left, things get more complicated. The raid will need to spread out 4 yards from each other and be ready to deal with whatever other ooze is left. Most of the time this just means that healing is extra annoying or you have to single target some adds.

However, if you were unlucky enough to get a combination of purple, green, and red, things get tricky. With green and red left, you'll have to stay 4 yards away from each other to avoid chaining Digestive Acid, but also need to stay as close to the boss as possible to reduce the damage taken from Searing Blood. This can be done, even on 25-man, but it requires some extremely careful positioning and is going to be really rough to heal though. If your raid team is having too much trouble with this, you may want to consider killing the Green one instead when you get that combination. You'll have to be very careful not to heal people too often, but then you can all stack up on him and minimize the Searing Blood damage.

Yor'sahj can be rather tricky, and yeah, there's a lot of randomness involved. But as long as everyone knows how to deal with the different oozes and follow instructions, with a little luck, you'll finally put Yor'sahj to bed.

If you'd like more information on this or any other Dragon Soul encounter, head over to Tankspot.com and click the Movies link at the top of the page. Thanks for watching, and good luck.

12-06-2011, 09:24 AM
fought this boss several times on LFR. several people say that the first ooze that comes up when DBM announces it should be the one killed. thats right some of the time, but not always simply because DBM doesnt know if you are in LFR, 10, 25, or Heroic mode.

also it doesnt seem like you need to spread out for the green ones on LFR.

the biggest problems ive encountered on LFR for this encounter: 1) people not knowing which ooze to kill and having 3 people call out different colors so nobody knows where to go and thus dont get the ooze down before it reaches boss, 2) still having 8 adds up when the next set of oozes come out, and 3) enrage timer (although im pretty sure a lot of this was due to the fact we spend so much time AoE'ing down the adds instead of being able to focus on boss.

its vital that once the oozes are announced that all dps run and get it down. same for mana void. if you tilt your screen to more of an overhead angle you can see the swirlie that comes up where the mana void will spawn, that will give you a few seconds to get there before it spawns and be ready.

i usually give a friendly reminder if im doing this on LFR that its not a dps race, and we actually lose dps on the boss if people wait too long to run out and kill oozes or mana void. this was the biggest problem i think with my groups so far. patience and technique are hard to come by in pugs.

12-06-2011, 01:00 PM
The Narration wrongly describes the buff the Yellow Ooze's buff as only effecting the cooldown of the Void Bolt ability. This is wrong as it effects the cooldown of ALL his abilities gained from the ooze. Thus, he will Spit more Digestive Acid when paired with Green. He will cast more Chain Fire when paired with Red. Lastly, he will call 2 waves of adds instead of 1, when paired with Black.

By far the worst combination to end up with while using the Purple > Green > Yellow combination is Red + Yellow. Aoe Void Bolt plus double the Chain Fire's make for an extremely rough minute.

12-06-2011, 02:24 PM
my group uses purple > yellow > green > black. only exception is if we get green, red, and yellow. then we kill green as stacking up and healing is easier then spreading out and trying to heal.

note that green+red is about the same damage as red+yellow, however depending on your healers you could still choose to kill yellow, but as we have holy pally/resto sham healing while grouped up is far easier.

having yellow and black is difficult because you will most likely have adds up when he casts his next set of oozes(he seems to cast the 2nd faceless group at about 45 seconds). however yellow +blue does not appear to cause a 2nd mana void.

with 4 oozes coming out on heroic this fight will get very interesting, and you may end up with very hard combos like red+green+blue.

12-06-2011, 03:47 PM
I Like these New Movies TY Lore

12-06-2011, 05:23 PM
We're having some rather significant issues with blue oozes. We're a mana heavy raid and we do ten mans, normally we run 2x resto druid 1x resto shammy, prot warrior, feral tank, hunter, mage, 1-2 warlocks, random dps, usually a dk, rogue, or warrior.

This week one of our resto druids was sidelined but we decided to go for it anyways, only we couldn't find a third heals. With that said, I can't imagine the issue we're running into would be any better with 3 oom healers than 2.

We're getting a LOT of Purple+Blue+yellow/green spawns for whatever reason, and we're having issues with tank survivability until the healers can get their mana back, even with blowing cooldowns. With heavy raid damage our locks are having issues life tapping to get mana back and stay alive, our mage is running on empty, and to make matters worse this week we had a duplicate mage, who wasn't really very good.

Basically, with our raid makeup those blue orbs are extremely dangerous we lose a ton of dps on top of low mana healers, but if we kill the blue orbs the damage going out with purple + something else nasty tends to be insane and very hard to heal through.

Furthermore afaik our healers don't happen to have a nice "short burst" mana regen like a disc priest has rapture+AA, which I've used on raid finder on my alt to make it through blue phases until the dps can get the mana void down. Our shammy could telluric currents but he sort of needs to be healing although with what I don't know, and it seems a waste of innervate on our druids since they're going to be getting the mana back soon- just not soon enough for us to not lose someone.

We tried 1-tanking it and while my additional fury dps seemed to help get the void down in time we got the terrible terrible purple red green combination a couple phases later. We were able to get the boss to 50%ish iirc on our better tries, but I think that was mostly on good luck with blood spawns. One of the "Difficult" combinations pops up and people die despite what looks like proper execution.

We're hopeful that the return of our third healer will mean the raid lives long enough to get the mana void down and continue the encounter, but I'm a little skeptical that having another healer with half a percent of mana to go on is going to make a difference.

Incidentally, for people doing this on lfr- even if someone calls out the wrong add, it's better to kill the wrong add than try to switch dps partway through and have the boss get all 3 buffs. Have one person calling out the kill and let that one person's word be definitive- even if they're wrong, that is not the time to start arguing about which blood to kill.

12-07-2011, 07:50 AM
if you can heal thru the damage then you can certainly tailor the fight to fit your raid makeup. if you happne to get a blue, red, black combo for instance you can certainly take blue out. the problem is that most of the time blue will be the lesser of the three evils, so to speak. you pretty much have to kill purple anytime its up. green and yellow cause a lot of raid damage but if youre healers are able to heal thru it then by all means kill the blue one. thats what makes this fight interesting is that you cant really call which ones are priority because it really depends a lot on your raid makeup and what the strengths/weaknesses are in your raid. i went the nerd route and wrote down most of the combos and what the end result would be for each one and went thru my raid group and picked which ones we should take out. and even if you get bad combos and you wipe, it will be totally different the next time around.

12-07-2011, 12:54 PM
I love the new Video format and you got Schaffnitt from Gamebreaker.tv to do edditing, Bravo!

12-09-2011, 06:07 AM
We're getting a LOT of Purple+Blue+yellow/green spawns for whatever reason, and we're having issues with tank survivability until the healers can get their mana back, even with blowing cooldowns. With heavy raid damage our locks are having issues life tapping to get mana back and stay alive, our mage is running on empty, and to make matters worse this week we had a duplicate mage, who wasn't really very good.

I'm not quite sure, but to me it reads, like you are killing Purple in that setup.

May I suggest to kill yellow/green instead? That leaves you with two colours that BOTH don't do any damage. The only damage still going out is the boss hitting the tank. Tank CDs / External CDs should suffice to tide the tank over until the mana void is killed. Additionally the purple debuff on the tank ist negligible. Healers will have to be very patient and not heal anybody else.

Last week we religiously killed Purple in such a set-up (twice) and it was truly no fun, to fumble for mana to keep the raid from dying.

This week I told them, they had to kill what I said. And once we got purple-blue-green, I told them to kill green. We fumbled a bit, realizing that putting down healing rain while the debuff was out, wasn't the best idea. But once we realized to single-target the tank and bide our time.... easy mode.
Later in the fight we got purple-blue-yellow and killed yellow. (Our DK wanted purple *nightmare*, but I overruled him with the argument, we'd be getting the same combination as when we killed green ;)).

In short: Purple+Blue+X --> kill X; if your healers aren't mindlessly spamming idiots, this will work fine and is less stress than blue+x.

Regards, Sira.

12-21-2011, 10:30 PM
a little pointer about the blue ooze and mana void.
it is basically a really good way to conserve ur healers mana.
what we do on normal/heroic is when we get the first blue ooze we pop all our mana cooldowns. priest hymns+mana tide+innervates etc. we wont kill the first mana void we will get it to about 40% HP and let it float around.
we keep dpsing the boss and deal with his abilities.
when the boss summons another blue ooze that will suck our mana we have a fully charged mana void (from the first blue ooze) at around 30% hp that will take no time to kill and refresh everyones mana right away. then multidotters can simply keep dots on the freshly new mana void to get it down to 40% hp again and keep this up.
by doing it this way you totally negate the effect of the mana void.

05-12-2012, 01:39 AM
I love this boss as enhancement as long as there not many aoe classes in raid ;)